Made with pride by African craftsmen in Johannesburg

Our cabinets are so attractive they're centre of attention even when empty.


  • Cabinets are made almost completely from glass.  Collections can be seen from almost any angle and can be illuminated from the sides, above, or below.  The background colour can be replaced with a mirror.

  • Glass shelves can be removed and set at the desired distance apart to suit the size of items being displayed.

  • Wall-hanging or tabletop cabinets to give your collection maximum visual impact.

  • Protection for delicate objects from household dust.

  • Extremely strong wooden framework.

  • Available in three stains: gold oak, mahogany and dark brown, or painted a colour of your choice.

  • High quality fittings, e.g. solid brass door catches.

  • Easy to hang

  • Cabinets can be carved to give that truly African look

Like something slightly different?
We'll custom make it for you!