Made with pride by African craftsmen in Johannesburg

Cabinets for collectors



For the home 

So many people collect things.  One of the great joys of a successful lifestyle is to spend part of your leisure time gathering around you items that you value.  But when you bring home the latest "find' - where do you put it?

Pottery, glassware and antiques can be put on top of furniture but so many other collections are stored in cupboards because there is simply no convenient, dust-free, means of displaying them - and the only time they are they are shown off for the enjoyment of everyone is when the owner says, "Can I show you my collection of rare '...........".  I keep them in a shoe box in my wardrobe!


Now you can fill your wall space with your treasures ........ and one of our cabinets is designed to sit in the centre of your dining room table, or a coffee table, to show off either a single item of great value that you don't wish to get damaged while being dusted, or a collection of small items, such as antique jewellery, which might not be noticed on a wall display cabinet.




For the office
Have you thought about putting a cabinet in your office at work?  Successful executives have artwork on the walls of their office for their enjoyment - why not a display of items that they collect.  A personal collection says a lot about their owner.

Other ideas
Our customers have bought cabinets to put in their bathroom for their cosmetics; to put in their bedroom as jewellery boxes; in their children's rooms for holiday souvenirs; in the pub or bar to display sports souvenirs; tabletop cabinets can be adapted to house models such as ships or aircraft ........ the ideas are limitless.


Double door cabinet
Size: 700mm(w) x 595mm(h) x 160mm(d)
  Medium cabinet
Size: 400mm(w) x 595mm(h) x 140mm(d)
  Small cabinets
Size: 345mm(w) x 445mm(h) x 140mm(d)
  Tabletop cabinet
Size: 300mm x 300mm x 120mm(h)