Made with pride by African craftsmen in Johannesburg

Cabinets for competitors

Do you (or your children) win medals or rosettes - and then keep them in a drawer, or hang them around a bedroom mirror, because there's no way of displaying them properly?  Now they can be displayed in one of our custom-designed cabinets.


And are you wondering what to give as a birthday present?  These cabinets are guaranteed to be something that the person doesn't have - and would like!


Display cabinets for medals


Medals are enclosed by a glass door to keep out dust, and a cabinet can display about 30 medals.  They are made in a choice of three stains with different background colours:

a) Mahogany stain with a very pale green background
b) Dark brown stain with a cream background.
c) Golden oak stain with a dark green background. (The traditional 'green and gold'; which is by
  far the most popular choice.)


Medal cabinets can also be used for displaying war medals

Display cabinets for rosettes



Display cabinet
  Display rack
Rosettes are enclosed by doors to keep out dust.  At least 30 rosettes can be displayed in the cabinet.
  There are no doors on the rack and it is therefore much cheaper that the cabinet.  At least 30 rosettes can be displayed i the rack


Don't hide your (or your children's) achievements away.  Let them inspire other to become winners.