Made with pride by African craftsmen in Johannesburg

About Us

'Display Cabinets from Africa' is owned by Peter Roberts who started his custom picture framing business, ' The Picture Workshop', in 1993.  Peter is the only framer ever to have had an exhibition of his framing held at a leading Johannesburg art gallery (entitled "The Art Framing") and a short documentary made on his art for South African television, which subsequently had two repeat broadcasts.  The Picture Workshop is now one of Johannesburg's leading framing businesses with many corporate clients and well over 1000 regular customers from the neighbourhood.

The idea of branching out into making display cabinets was inspired by requests from customers for a means of displaying their collections / sporting trophies is such a manner that the collection could be added to whenever a new purchase was made, or a new trophy won.

"The Picture Workshop" has earned a reputation for the very high standard of its framing (nearly all new business comes from word of mouth recommendation) and this tradition for excellence has been continued by "Display Cabinets from Africa" which takes pride in ensuring that each cabinet is truly a work of art.

How to contact us

  Our Contact Details: The Picture Workshop
    15, Parkview Centre
    54, Tyrone Avenue
    Johannesburg 2193
    Tel: +27 (11) 646 9216
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