Made with pride by African craftsmen in Johannesburg

 Display cabinets for market traders


Double door standing cabinets

Glass all round    Doors open towards the trader
  • Will distinguish in the public's mind your best pieces form the bric-a-brac lying on the table.

  • Will present and show off these pieces to their best advantage while protecting them from theft.  (Public must ask to see them.  Can't just take them off the table).

Flat cabinets

  • For items which are not quite as valuable as those in the standing cabinets.

  • Door opens towards the trader so that the prospective buyer still has to ask to handle items.

Double door standing cabinet
Size: 700mm(w)x 575mm(H) x 215mm(D)
  Flat cabinet
Size: 450mm x 450mm x 120mm(H)